Gypsy Moths Will To Be Neutralized By Mass Aerial Insecticide-Spraying

Many Midwesterners are fed up with the annoying gypsy moth population. Gypsy moths start life as tree eating caterpillars. These caterpillars have destroyed thousands of trees in Ohio alone, and one of Ohio’s most popular public parks, Minerva Park, has seen its trees ravaged on a scale as large as a city block. Gypsy moths are believed to have migrated west from Pennsylvania several years ago, while leaving a trail of destruction in their path that has left the state of Ohio particularly afflicted. In response to this worsening gypsy moth problem, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has started is annual moth control treatment program.

There is currently a mad rush to save trees in the Midwestern and mid Atlantic states that have been damaged by moth activity, but can still be saved with aerial insecticide spraying. According to Ohio State University Entomologist, Dr. David Shetlar, the agricultural departments slow spreading of insecticides over particular targets by plane has proven to be a highly useful method of keeping these devastating bugs at bay.

Have you ever worked on a farm and witnessed aerial insecticide spraying for yourself?


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